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Herbal Medicine Conference: Lincoln University

Herbal Medicine: The Art of the Science
7th-8th July 2012
Riseholme Campus, University of Lincoln

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Following our very successful first conference in 2011 we are pleased to announce the second herbal medicine conference to be held on the Riseholme Campus of the University of Lincoln. The conference is open for everyone with an interest in or involved with professional herbal medicine practice and education.

Water lilies are an important religious symbol in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. They symbolize resurrection in both spiritual arenas because many of the lilies close their flowers at night and reopen in the morning at first sunlight. Buddhists regard the water lily as a symbol of enlightenment because of the beautiful bloom that emerges from the mud. They also consider the water lily a symbol of purity, spontaneous generation and divine birth.

Herbal medicine in the West has traditionally been eclectic, drawing upon the traditions and remedies of different cultural practices. The age of globalisation has accelerated this process of influence. Our pharmacies in recent years have seen considerable changes in the origin of our remedies, with the appearance of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Middle Eastern and South American herbs in particular. How does our use of these herbs reflect upon our practice? What can we learn from these other disciplines?

Many practitioners regard spirituality and healing as being important aspects of their work but how does this accord to herbal medicine theory and practice? How does the use of subtle influences in herbal medicine practice relate to our understanding of therapeutics in biomedical terms? What if anything is the relationship between the use of flower essences, vibrational healing and herbal tinctures?
What do we mean by constitutional treatment? How does this relate to functional medicine or endobiogenie? Can we benefit from advances in orthodox medicine, for example in the area of mental health?

Goethean plant science
Ayurvedic Medicine
Chinese Medicine
Vibrational Medicine
Mental health

Key Participators Confirmed to Date
Julian Barker
Ellie Devereux
Christopher Hedley
Anne McIntyre
Donald Purves
Maureen Robertson
Andrew Stableford

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the New England Women’s Herbal Conference

August 24th-26th 2012
Camp Wicosuta on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, USA

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Join us at ‘our’ new camp, Camp Wicosuta On Newfound Lake, New Hampshire. Lovely, lakeside Camp Wicosuta has been a girl’s camp for 90 years & warmly welcomes the New England Women’s Herbal Conference. Located on Newfound Lake in the Lake District of New Hampshire, the camp is easily accessible from several main routes and interstates, and provides a large well maintained facility with a warm welcoming staff.

A practicing herbalists for over 30 years, Anne runs a busy private practice in her home in the Cotwolds. She was the director of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in England for four years, has taught throughout the world, and is the author of 10 (at last count!) very popular books on herbalism including The Complete Women’s Herbal and The Herbal for Mother and Child. Anne is beloved in the herbal community for her warmth, wisdom and delightful British humor.

Anne’s Workshops:

  • Sattvic Living; the Key to Radiant Health (Intensive)
  • Treating Children from a Constitutional Perspective
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer

 Friday 24th August. Ayurvedic Help for Cancer

Ayurvedic cancer treatment includes recommendations for lifestyle and use of specific foods and herbs which are not only helpful in preventing the progression of the disease but also make the patients feel better and more comfortable in mind and body. This includes among other things improving digestion (agni), clearing toxins (ama), reducing inflammation, and balancing the doshas followed by Rasayana therapy, as well as supporting the patient on an emotional and spiritual level.

Saturday 25th August. 4 Hour Intensive.
Sattvic Living: The Key to Radiant Health

In this workshop we will look at the concept of Sattva, (the Ayurvedic term for the higher things we aspire to including wisdom, harmony, peace, serenity and love), and how it is central to our health. We will discuss how we can increase Sattva through our daily lives and the use of foods and herbs to enhance radiant wellbeing.

Sunday August 24th
Treating Children from a Constitutional Perspective

With the help of the Ayurvedic system of constitutions, this workshop will give guidance for assessing the constitution of your children and advise the best foods and herbs to keep them well and heal them when they are sick.

Healing the Mind with Flowers and Meditation With Herbalist Anne McIntyre & Gina Mastroluca

Wednesday 29th August 2012 at Avena Botanicals, Rockland, Maine

“To really see a flower takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”
Georgia O’Keefe

Flowers represent the full potential of a plant and help us to nurture our own potential for health and happiness. Join us for an experiential retreat day of exploring the sensory beauty and healing energy of some of the most important healing flowers for our mind and hearts. Anne and Gina will weave together meditation practice to cultivate pure awareness, Ayurvedic teachings on the mind and emotions, and the therapeutic brilliance of flowers. This class is appropriate for those new to herbs, meditation and Ayurveda or those wanting to deepen their knowledge and experience.

Experience the healing power of flowers through all our senses
Mindfulness meditation to cultivate presence and awareness
The use of flowers in prayer, meditation and cultivating Sattva
Flowers and the mind body connection
The role of flowers and meditation in Ayurveda

Our dear friend, Deb Soule, will host the Calm Mind, Joyful Heart class at her beautiful healing garden at Avena Botanicals in Rockport, Maine. If you have not yet been to Avena Botanicals, it’s a hidden treasure of Maine! It is the most beautiful and inspiring herbal garden I know and Avena’s herbal products are local, biodynamic, organic and vibrant.

Anne and Gina have been collaborating on the Calm Mind, Joyful Heart series of experiential workshops for the last many years and love to be in Avena’s healing garden! Gina Mastroluca is a Polarity Therapist, the founding director of Moksha Center for Ayurveda, Yoga and Polarity Therapy and a long-time student of meditation and Tibetan Buddhism.


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