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Brilliant Brain Tonic

Brilliant Brain Tonic – for poor memory and concentration (from ‘Drugs in Pots’)

Exam season is upon us and the slog of revising all those facts and figures can leave even the most able of students feeling a little foggy in the head.  Don’t rely on caffeine filled energy drinks and over processed snacks to keep you going, instead brew up this fabulous herbal tonic and enjoy your natural boost!

This refreshing drink has rosemary, thyme and peppermint to enliven the mind and wood betony to send blood to the brain. Gotu kola stimulates blood flow to the head, clearing the mind, enhancing concentration and increasing creativity.


Ingredients (makes 650ml (21 fl oz) tonic):

60g (2.5 oz) each fresh or 30g (1 oz) each dried rosemary, thyme, gotu kola, peppermint, wood betony

600ml (1 pint) water

500g (1 lb) sugar

30ml (1 fl oz) brandy (optional)


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Larli’s Luscious Lemon Balm Libation

Larli’s Luscious Lemon Balm Libation:

We have been all hands on deck in the garden this week, rebalancing areas of the garden where plants have become a little too confident and nurturing areas that need a little love.  The glorious spring sun managed to break through the drizzle and Larli made this delicious cooling drink with mint and lemon balm from the garden.  (NB All quantities are approximate as this recipe has been retro-engineered!).


1. Take the juice and grated rind of 1 large lemon, along with approx 4 mint leaves and 5 lemon balm (Melissa) leaves, roughly chopped and whizz up in a Vitamix/blender.

2. Add 4 teaspoons coconut sugar (or 2 teaspoons honey or sweetener of choice) to this mix along with 100ml hot water to dissolve the sugar/sweetener.

3. Make up to 750ml with cold water, then refrigerate to cool and serve with ice cubes and a garnish of mint.


Summer Workshops

Summer Workshop fliers:

I love sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years with others on courses and lectures.  It’s wonderful imaging where a student’s personal path will take them from when I meet them onwards through their herbal life.

But sometimes the business side of organising these courses is a real drag!

Something that has helped recently is that we’ve been looking at some more eye catching promotional material for the summer courses and have come up with the fliers below.  They are making me really happy!

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