Anne’s herbal clinics are held at Artemis House in Great Rissington near Cheltenham. For further enquiries please contact Anne or else you may phone 01451 810096 to book an appointment.

Anne structures her consultations in a unique style using a blend of Western and Ayurvedic diagnostic skills to assess an individual’s constitution. Anne will take a detailed, holistic case history. Once the doshic balance has been diagnosed and the causes of imbalance have been established, treatment and lifestyle advice is given. Both Western and Ayurvedic herbs are used in the medicines you may be prescribed.

The wisdom of Ayurveda provides insight into creating a lifestyle that is suited to each of our individual needs to prevent and treat our health problems. You will discover which foods and drinks are good for your constitution, whether they should be hot or cold, cooked or raw, which tastes they should have, and which herbs and spices are best. In addition you will also learn which forms of exercise are best suited to your constitution, when is the best time to wake up and go to bed! Ayurveda is a complete way of life.

Fees from January 2016:

Initial Consultation (1 hr): £90
Follow Up consultation (1/2 hr): £45

*If you are unable to make your appointment in person you could change it to a phone appointment. Otherwise we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel within this time our cancellation fee is £25.