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Dispensing with Tradition
Anne McIntyre – Michelle Boudin

A Practitioner’s Guide to using Indian and Western Herbs the Ayurvedic Way.

Dispensing with Tradition

Dispensing with Tradition is a unique herbal reference guide, blending Western Herbal and Ayurvedic traditions in a modern way for practitioners and students.

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The Ayurveda Bible

The Ayurveda BibleThis comprehensive guide explores the Indian healing system of ayurveda, from its origins in ancient Vedic scriptures to ayurveda as practised today. Learn how to work towards optimum health through diet, lifestyle, exercise and spiritual practices, according to your dosha or constitution type. Also included are detailed recommendations for the holistic treatment of common ailments, with herbs, food, massage and meditation.

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Drugs in Pots

Drugs in PotsHome healing doesn’t have to be about expensive ingredients. Make the most of your windowsill, balcony or patio and grow all the herbs you need to make 40 essential natural remedies to treat a variety of common problems. Step-by-step recipes for everything from creams to compresses are each followed by an ingenious container project to allow you to grow all the herbs you will need. Included with each remedy recipe are additional suggestions to help treat the complaint plus information on vitamin supplements and lifestyle changes. In addition, a comprehensive directory to the healing properties of every plant used, and expert advice on planning, planting and maintaining your herb garden, ensures you have everything you need to keep your natural pharmacy well-stocked all the year round.

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Healing Drinks

This stunningly beautiful volume has just been rereleased and provides numerous recipes for healthy drinks, juices, teas, soups and smoothies, with fascinating and informative descriptions of the healing benefits of their ingredients, which include herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables. Each drink is described and featured in beautiful photography and in it I explain why each drink is so healthy, whether as a tonic after flu, to provide pain relief or to help lose weight.


Price £13.75 – includes P&P UK ONLY