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Rasayana Therapy Workshop at The Clover Mill

Join Anne at the beautiful Clover Mill on September 24th and 25th where she will be holding a rasayana therapy workshop. 

Rasayana is a Sanskrit word that comes from rasa and ayana. It means "that which
negates old age and disease through the conservation, transformation, and
revitalisation of energy." Rasa nourishes our body, boosts immunity and helps to keep the body and mind in vibrant
health. Ayana means path, so rasayana therapy is a path of nourishment and rejuvenation.

Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy is one of the eight main branches of Ayurveda.
For 5000 years or so the wisdom of Ayurveda has provided guidelines for keeping us
in a state of optimum health and well-being and thereby helping to slow the ageing
process by increasing ojas, the source of our health and vibrancy.

Ayurveda's vision of health and longevity expands well beyond health for its own
sake; the purpose of rasayana or rejuvenation therapy is so that we can fulfil our
spiritual purpose. The longer we live in a state of optimal health the more
opportunity there will be for living in harmony with the natural world and attaining
the ultimate aim of Ayurveda, nothing short of moksha!


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Date: Sep 24 2019 - Sep 25 2019

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