The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the New England Women’s Herbal Conference

August 24th-26th 2012
Camp Wicosuta on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, USA

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Join us at ‘our’ new camp, Camp Wicosuta On Newfound Lake, New Hampshire. Lovely, lakeside Camp Wicosuta has been a girl’s camp for 90 years & warmly welcomes the New England Women’s Herbal Conference. Located on Newfound Lake in the Lake District of New Hampshire, the camp is easily accessible from several main routes and interstates, and provides a large well maintained facility with a warm welcoming staff.

A practicing herbalists for over 30 years, Anne runs a busy private practice in her home in the Cotwolds. She was the director of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in England for four years, has taught throughout the world, and is the author of 10 (at last count!) very popular books on herbalism including The Complete Women’s Herbal and The Herbal for Mother and Child. Anne is beloved in the herbal community for her warmth, wisdom and delightful British humor.

Anne’s Workshops:

  • Sattvic Living; the Key to Radiant Health (Intensive)
  • Treating Children from a Constitutional Perspective
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer

 Friday 24th August. Ayurvedic Help for Cancer

Ayurvedic cancer treatment includes recommendations for lifestyle and use of specific foods and herbs which are not only helpful in preventing the progression of the disease but also make the patients feel better and more comfortable in mind and body. This includes among other things improving digestion (agni), clearing toxins (ama), reducing inflammation, and balancing the doshas followed by Rasayana therapy, as well as supporting the patient on an emotional and spiritual level.

Saturday 25th August. 4 Hour Intensive.
Sattvic Living: The Key to Radiant Health

In this workshop we will look at the concept of Sattva, (the Ayurvedic term for the higher things we aspire to including wisdom, harmony, peace, serenity and love), and how it is central to our health. We will discuss how we can increase Sattva through our daily lives and the use of foods and herbs to enhance radiant wellbeing.

Sunday August 24th
Treating Children from a Constitutional Perspective

With the help of the Ayurvedic system of constitutions, this workshop will give guidance for assessing the constitution of your children and advise the best foods and herbs to keep them well and heal them when they are sick.