Looking at Western Herbs from an Ayurvedic Perspective: A Course for Ayurvedic Practitioners and Students

The amazing natural world gives us incredible healing plants, full of “prana”, the dynamic manifestation of consciousness.  Here in England we are surrounded by amazing herbs …rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, mint and roses perfume and adorn our gardens, while nettles, hawthorn, dandelion, milk thistle, elderberries and burdock abound in hedgerows.

Each herb has unique wisdom and pranic attributes which give it “energetic” effects as well as pharmacological constituents and its potential ability to heal. Herbs can impart their intelligence to us and help balance disturbances that create health problems in mind and body, and reconnect us with consciousness. They are an extraordinary gift.

Making your own formulations from herbs around you, that you have grown or gathered yourself, or obtained from local sources, means that you will know their source, their botanical identity and that they are unadulterated and uncontaminated.

It also means you can adhere more closely to the increasing need for us to live more sustainably. Using herbs you can see around you, especially if you are able to wild-craft or grow your own, brings a whole new dimension to using and prescribing herbs. Spending time with growing herbs, in abundant hedgerows or beautiful gardens can give an insight into the particular aspect of consciousness that each plants expresses.

In this course Anne will discuss in detail 50-100 herbs and offer not only practical advice on how to prepare and use them as medicines, but also how to understand their healing properties from an Ayurvedic perspective. You will learn to identify and use herbs from garden and hedgerow, forage for wild foods and leave with the confidence to use them in your home and practice.

The course will take place at Anne’s home in the Cotswolds, where she has a herb garden with over 150 medicinal herbs laid out in a spiral that represents the journey through life from birth to paradise.

If you are interested in the course, please email clinic@annemcintyre.com