Probiotic breakfast yoghurt

Probiotic Breakfast Yoghurt from Drugs in Pots

This herby yoghurt can be eaten daily as a great way to support beneficial gut bacteria and to combat yeasts and ‘bad’ bacteria that may have taken hold after e.g. taking antibiotics – although if you are working closely with others you may want to leave the garlic for weekends only!  All the herbs are easy to grow in pots or in your garden at home making this a great breakfast that you can pick, prepare and eat within minutes!


1 large garlic clove, minced
1 tablespoon each of fresh dill leaves and marigold (calendula) petals, torn into small pieces
20ml (1 fl oz) aloe vera juice
2 teaspoons each of fresh marjoram and thyme, leaves only chopped
500ml (17 fl oz) carton of live yoghurt

How to Make:

Add the torn/chopped herbs and the minced garlic to a bowl of live yoghurt, then stir in the aloe vera juice.

How to Use:

You can enjoy this yoghurt daily and for as long as you would like to take it.  The herbs are all aromatic and pleasant tasting – although as mentioned above, the garlic can be a little antisocial!

How does it work?

The garlic, calendula, dill, basil and marjoram are excellent for combating pathogenic micro-organisms and are also good digestive herbs, clearing toxins from the digestive tract.  Aloe vera is soothing, immune-enhancing and helps to combat dysbiosis.