Ayurvedic Apprenticeship 2021

Join Anne in 2021 for her hugely popular ayurvedic apprenticeship course held at her home in the Cotswolds

Anne is offering a unique opportunity of studying with her for a series of 4 two day workshops during 2021 devised for herb lovers, students and practitioners alike. She will introduce you to the basic and yet inspiring concepts of Ayurveda and relate these to an understanding of yourselves and others as well as to the use of herbs.

The apprenticeship runs over four sets of weekdays between April and September 2021. The course will consist of written material as well as 4 practical workshops during which we will cover in some detail the incredible body of wisdom that Ayurveda offers, with its complete path of healing that can enhance our lives in profound and lasting ways. It also includes a delicious vegetarian lunch and refreshments on both days.

We will be looking both at the herbs which surround us, as well as those used traditionally within the Ayurvedic tradition. We will discuss their pranic qualities and how they may be used from both Western and Eastern perspectives for a range of different health issues. You will be given detailed monographs of a variety of these herbs. Year 2 will follow on from year 1 and is suitable for those that have already completed Anne’s first year apprenticeship, and those who have studied Anne’s online course.

The course will be held at Anne’s home in the Cotswolds, where she has a beautiful herb garden with over 150 medicinal plants, laid out in a spiral that represents a journey through a woman’s life expressed through herbs.

2021 Apprenticeship Dates

Year 1 – Tuesdays and Wednesdays
May 4th & 5th
June 15th & 16th
July 13th & 14th
September 14th & 15th

Year 2 – Tuesdays and Wednesdays
April 27th & 28th
June 8th & 9th
July 6th & 7th
September 7th & 8th