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Anne McIntyre is a Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, a Member of the College of Practitioners of Psychotherapy, and a Member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners’ Association.

Anne has trained as a herbalist, remedial masseuse, aromatherapist, homeopath and counsellor and has been in clinical practice working as a medical herbalist for nearly 40 years. For over 30 years she has incorporated Ayurvedic philosophy and medicine into her practice, producing an integrated approach to the care of patients and prescription of herbs.

Anne is the author of many books on herbal medicine and Ayurveda including The Complete Woman’s Herbal, Healing Drinks, The Complete Floral Healer, Herbal Medicine for Children: Western and Ayurvedic Perspectives, The Complete Herbal Tutor, The Ayurveda Bible and Dispensing with Tradition: A Guide to using Indian and Western Herbs the Ayurvedic Way.

Anne runs a busy practice from her home in the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire. She lectures widely on herbal medicine and Ayurveda in the UK, Europe and America and runs courses from her home in Gloucestershire where she has a beautiful herb garden which she uses for tours and teaching. She also has an online course in Ayurveda for lay people and other professionals.