A Series of One Day Herb Courses at Artemis House

Join Anne in her beautiful herb garden for an introduction to the medicinal benefits of the herbs you know and love and learn how to make them into remedies at home.

Anne is offering three one-day workshops over a few weeks this summer that can be taken either together as a series or singularly. She will introduce you to the amazing healing benefits of the herbs you know and love which might be growing in your gardens or wild in the surrounding countryside.

Workshop 1 June 13th 2019 – The day will include a full tour of the herb garden where you will learn how the spiral layout and plant positioning represents a woman’s journey through life from birth to paradise. We will be looking at the uses of the different herbs for everyday ailments.  

Workshop 2 on June 28th 2019 – The day will include learning how to cook simple gluten, dairy, and sugar free recipes for good gut health.

Workshop 3 on July 4th 2019 – The day will include harvesting some of the herbs from the garden and making preparations so that you will leave with growing confidence to use herbs to help treat simple ailments at home. 

Anne has an impressive herb garden laid out in a spiral representing a journey through life expressed through herbs. Weather permitting, there will be an opportunity to be taken round the spiral of life!

For more information email us on clinic@annemcintyre.com or phone 01451 810096.