Herbal Medicine Through the Seasons – An Experiential Four Weekend Course at Trill Farm in Devon

In May 2020 I will be going back to Trill Farm to teach my seasonal foraging and herbal medicine course.

I will be hosting four foraging weekends at Trill this year when we will be looking at the herbs growing in each season. The four weekends (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) will provide you with knowledge and skills to use the extraordinary resources of the medicinal plants growing around you throughout the year.

These are practical, hands-on weekends and we will be finding, identifying and preparing wild and cultivated medicinal plants and discussing their medicinal properties, so that you can use them with confidence to promote health of body and mind. You will also learn how to make preparations with the herbs we find, including infusions, decoctions, creams, lotions, ointments, elixirs, glycerites and tinctures.

Join me on a journey of discovery as I guide you to identify and forage wild herbs, understand their medicinal properties and uses, and share the skills to create and take home a range of herbal remedies for your health and wellbeing.

About Trill Farm

Trill is a 300 acre mixed organic farm in east Devon which has been owned by Romy Fraser and her family since 2008. Romy moved here after selling her previous business, Neal’s Yard Remedies, which she built up from a small shop in 1981 to the multi-national company it is today. As you may imagine, someone like Romy wouldn’t own just any ordinary farm! Trill is a collection of small businesses and educators who are all working together with the same ethos, following the highest standards of organic practice and protecting and conserving the environment and wildlife of the farm. There is the strong belief that food is at the heart of life and their stated aim is ‘to celebrate and reaffirm the connection between humanity, the animal kingdom and the nature which sustains us all.‘ There are courses running at Trill Farm throughout the year, with the option of staying at the luxurious, ecologically renovated B&B or in the summer at the peaceful campsite (with open air showers and composting loos!).

Bookings can be made by calling Trill Farm on 01297 631 113 or by clicking this link to their website.

I hope you can join me!